September 28, 2018

12:00 am

Seasons are shifting, enjoy the flavors of fall at the farmers market

Summer is fading and fall is just around the corner. Your Oklahoma farmers markets are still open to serve you through the fall harvest. You can taste the difference of locally-grown squash, okra, peppers, and more. These fall markets also have your year-round favorites such as meat, eggs, dairy, jams, bread, and other packaged food. Oklahoma has 40 farmers markets accepting Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Senior Farmers Market benefits across the state. Snap-accepting farmers markets helps more families have access to fresh quality food. To find your nearest SNAP-accepting farmers market please visit

“By shopping at an Oklahoma farmer market, you can trust that you will have high-quality food from the farm to your kitchen. Now farmers markets are open through the fall.” Oklahoma Nutrition Information and Education (ONIE) Project’s Principle Investigator Karla Finnell said. “Not only will you taste a difference in the food, but your whole family will also enjoy the fun-fulfilled and welcoming community.”

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