Majestic with Prophetess Leticia Lewis

Majestic with Prophetess Leticia Lewis Thursday at 1:30am CTMajestic, a prophetic spiritual warfare teaching by Prophetess Leticia Lewis. Learn about our spiritual weapons and parallels between who we are as Christians and the Department of Defense based on the Word of God.

Leticia Lewis, called by the Lord into the office of a prophetess, is the founder of Majestic Ministries International. She travels the United States and Internationally speaking what says the Lord by the power of the Holy Spirit equipping the Church to know we are more than conquerors through the Lord who loves us. She desires to see the Church operate today even as the Church operated in the Book of Acts, with Kingdom Dominion, Power, Anointing, and Authority in Jesus’ name. Prophetess Leticia Lewis is happily married to Don Lewis of 17 years.

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Airs early every Thursday at 1:30 am CT.