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5 Time Saving Tips for Food Preparation

Food Prep tips. Watercress shown in bowl

Food Prep tips. Watercress shown in bowl

Trying to live better and eat better? Cutting out fast food and other items from restaurants will help significantly! However, we all know it can be easy to fall back into bad habits because eating well takes time and preparation! Here are a few tips that can help reduce preparation times and let you get cooking quickly and efficiently.

Wash, Chop, and Portion Your Veggies ASAP!

As soon as you get home from the grocery store, take the time to wash, chop, and do everything else you need to prepare your veggies… and fruit for that matter! Often people give up and choose not to eat at home because prepping vegetables before a meal or snack can be time consuming. Make it part of your routine and you’ll be surprised to see how much easier mealtime goes!

Shop Online

If you’re in a rush, order your food from your desk. Most grocery stores these days charge a small fee for you to order your food online. This takes a fraction of the time and you’ll be less tempted to get donuts and other impulse items.

Cook in Bulk

Don’t make yourself cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day. That’s around 90 meals you’re making a month! Instead, try making larger portions and spreading them out throughout the week or freezing half a batch to reheat later.

Buy Pre-Portioned or Chopped Items

Take a stroll down your freezer aisle and you might be shocked to find how many frozen vegetables come in “meal starter packs.” Whether it’s onions and garlic, peppers, or anything else, often those options are ready to go for you to use with no added salt, preservatives, or other ingredients.

Try Power Cooking

Pick one night of the week and make all of your meals for the week on that night. It takes a little planning, but it pays off when you’re able to cook all 21 of your meals at once!