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Easter Celebrations Around the World


Easter season is upon us! Thank you Lord for giving us the gift of your son so that we may have eternal life and let us forever praise his name and marvel at the glory of the resurrection.

How do you plan on celebrating Easter? If you live in America, your celebration likely involves an egg hunt of some kind, chocolate bunnies, and maybe a dinner or brunch with your family.  But did you know that Easter is celebrated a number of different ways around the world?


In the small town of Haux in the South of France, townspeople gather the eggs they have from their chickens and participate in making an omelet that is large enough for the whole community! It is said that it has had as many as 4,500 eggs.


In Brazil children play a game they make straw dolls and “beat them up” because the dolls are meant to represent Judas Iscariot. Don’t worry, it is all in good fun.


In Greece, villagers in some villages smash pots and other earthenware to celebrate the resurrection. Smashing these pots represents a welcoming of the spring season. Think of it as a literal interpretation of the saying, “Out with the old, in with the new.”


In the town of Florence, Italy white oxen carry a large decorated wagon to the cathedral.  Once it arrives, someone shoots a dove-shaped rocket into the cart and it lights a huge fireworks display.


People in Bermuda often spend Easter Sunday flying kites with family and friends while feasting on local foods.


Did you know that in Germany that eggs can be seen almost everywhere? Sometimes there are even trees with thousands of eggs hanging off of them.

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