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Fun Things You Can Do for Free

4 Fun Things You Can Do for Free

Sometimes families get stumped on what to do for weekends and holidays because they’re short on cash and everything seems to cost money. While it’s true some popular activities require money; many do not. You and your family can have fun without spending. Here are a few of our favorite activities.

Go on a Hike or Bike Ride

This gets everybody out in the fresh air and promotes exercise. Many areas have walking and biking trails built for families. Bring your pets if you like; they need exercise, too. Turn the activity into a race or scavenger hunt with a small incentive for winners (i.e., an extra story at bedtime).

Read Together

Go to the library to browse and check out books. Show your kids all the educational opportunities,  such as safe internet sites and videos. Bring your children if your local bookstore has story time or kids’ activities; ask your library or bookstore about reading programs with prizes such as coupons or free books.

Play Board Games

Board games are fantastic for rainy or cold days, but you can play them any time of year. Some, like Monopoly and Ticket to Ride, carry the bonus of being educational. If you don’t have time for a complete game, play mini-games. For sunny days, play outside on the deck or picnic table.


Make “money-free time” a good time to give. Clear out gently used clothing, books, toys, and kitchen implements. Take your kids to a local donation center, and ask if you can help sort items for the day.

Go to a Local  Festival or Parade

Harvest Festivals, Summer Street Fairs, and Herb Fest happen all year round. Festivals honoring local heroes, music, and holidays are almost all free and family-friendly.

Here are some other ideas for you. Things to do without money