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GEB Podcast Ep 27 Dr. Jeremiah Johnston -Jesus’ Resurrection and the Body of Proof

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On today’s special Bonus EP, GEB America General Manager David Groves interviews Dr. Jeremiah Johnston.

Jeremiah J. Johnston, PhD, MA, MDiv, BA, is a New Testament scholar, pastor, author, nationally syndicated radio host, Bible teacher, and apologist, and he ministers internationally as president of Christian Thinkers Society. Jeremiah loves the local church and also serves as pastor of apologetics and cultural engagement at Prestonwood Baptist Church and dean of spiritual development at Prestonwood Christian Academy. Jeremiah’s passion is working with churches and pastors in equipping Christians to give intellectually informed reasons for what they believe. Driven by the Great Commandment, Jeremiah’s calling and the mission of Christian Thinkers Society is to equip Christians to love God with all their hearts and minds.

00:00:00 Open

00:00:40 Intro

00:01:45 How can we know Jesus existed?

00:03:30 What do you say to the skeptics?

00:05:50 Secular humanism is the biggest competitor to Christianity.

00:10:45 What proof is there outside the Bible for the resurrection?

00:13:40 The only convincing conversion explaination.

00:19:30 How does this better explain our suffering in life?

00:22:15 Final thoughts.

00:24:50 How to connect.


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