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GEB Podcast Ep 30: Living an Energized Life -John Jubilee

GEB America Podcast - Helping You Live Well

On this episode of the GEB America Podcast Stephen Gunn and David Groves visit with John Jubilee, co-founder of Energized Health. John Jubilee has been dedicated to transforming the lives of thousands since discovering a breakthrough protocol in 1998. His wife Chelsea, passionate about seeing people fully healed, joined his side to partner in the mission to get people healthy at the cellular level.

The views and opinions expressed on this program are solely those of the speakers and not necessarily those of GEB America, Oral Roberts University, or their employees. This program is not intended to offer investment, financial, medical, legal, or any other advice. Viewers should consult a subject matter professional regarding any such matters.

00:00:00 Open

00:01:45 Where it all began.

00:09:45 How Did You Co-Found Energized Health?

00:12:30 What is Something You Could Do Differently?

00:20:40 A Proper Foundation Is Key

00:21:30 Trauma is Real and at the Cellular Level Too

00:28:00 Age is Just a Number

00:30:00 How To Connect

00:31:25 Nature Preaches the Gospel

00:33:45 Rapid Fire

00:38:15 Closing Remarks

The statements made by Energized Health and its clients do not constitute medical or other professional advice or services. Before undertaking any course of treatment, you should consult with your doctor. Transformation and fat loss are based on starting health metric calculations. Results may vary.


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