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GEB Podcast Episode 35: The Sweet Comfort of Mercy -Bryan Duncan

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In this week’s episode, we chatted with CCM legend Bryan Duncan. This Grammy and Dove Award winner has had a successful solo career with 18 album releases and numerous Christian Radio Hits. The former lead singer of Sweet Comfort Band, he shares his journey in the music industry and his transition to a solo career. He discusses his early days in church music, involvement in the Jesus Movement, and the formation of Sweet Comfort Band. Bryan also talks about the challenges and successes of his solo career, including the inspiration behind his hit songs.

00:00:00 Open

00:03:15 Where it all started for Bryan

00:08:30 What were the influences on the Sweet Comfort Band?

00:13:14 The many styles of Bryan Duncan 🙂

00:14:45 What was the first album with the most hits and radio airplay?

00:22:05 God wants me to know Him

00:30:15 The foundation was laid by the Jesus Movement

00:35:30 Rapid Fire!

00:41:10 How to Connect


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