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How To Be Intentional About Church At Home

How To Be Intentional About Church At Home

Life is in a very different state right now, and the same goes for church. If you are like many other believers, your church has gone to online streaming for their services. This has been a great tool to still have the church experience when you can’t meet in the usual setting. But it can also be a little difficult to stay focused on the pastor when you’re sitting on your couch in your sweatpants. To really make online church work, we’ve got to be more intentional about it. Here are some quick tips on how we can make church at home, work the right way.

1. Get ready
Before the service starts, prepare yourself. Put on your Sunday bests. Grab your Bible and a note pad and set up a space to easily focus and enjoy the message. Prepare your heart to receive from God!

2. Find your way to connect
Pick your favorite streaming platform (Facebook, YouTube, church website, etc.) and start connecting with others watching. Get engaged in the comments or chat feature. Make it a note to encourage someone else who’s watching.

3. Make it a point participate
When the service starts, join in on the worship. Stand, clap, and sing with the songs. Pray along with whoever is on screen. Actively take notes on the sermon and say an “amen!” when the pastor makes a good point. God moves when we do, so start moving!

4. Do it with others
Send out a text to a friend right before service and invite them to watch with you. Or you can share an invite on social media. We can still bring others to the message of Jesus from home.

5. Build community
Set up a Zoom call or video chat after church with friends. Talk about the message, discuss the verses the pastor used, and figure out how you can incorporate it into each other’s lives. The Holy Spirit often does His best work in community.

Church may look different, but you can still experience God’s presence wherever you are! When we put in the effort to connect with God and others, He begins to move in new and exciting ways.

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