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ORU Sports Spotlight Episode 103

ORU Sports Spotlight features what the ORU Golden Eagles are doing across all the sports including men’s and women’s Basketball, Soccer, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Baseball, and Track and Field. Features focus on rising stars, coaches, and other items of interest to college sports fans. 

Welcome to the ORU Sports Spotlight.  

Soccer and volleyball entering the meat of their conference seasons and so far, all is well.

We’ll catch up with some highlights… Plus, we’ll take a tour of the John and Cheryl Clerico golf complex….

And, you’ve heard of coffee breaks.  But ORU basketball star Francis Lacis takes coffee breaks to a new level.  We’ll catch up with Francis…

But first, you might need a program to tell who’s who on the ORU women’s basketball team this season. Head Coach Misti Cussen joins us on set to find out what’s cooking with women’s hoops….