3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Savings

No matter if you’re sitting pretty on a big retirement fund or just starting out and living lean, everyone can benefit from saving a little extra. Whether it’s an emergency stash or a rainy day budget, it’s smart to have some money on hand.

Many people think they can’t have savings. Most of the time, their budget is so stretched they aren’t comfortable putting any of it away. Others are put off by the “trouble” of saving money. Luckily, there are plenty of tips to help you gather some extra cash.

  1. Re-evaluate your budget. When you’re planning your finances, you need to pay attention to details. Look at where each dollar goes. Paying for television doesn’t make much sense if you always watch internet TV through Hulu or Netflix. Cut and cancel wherever you can, then add that money to savings.
  2. Collect spare change. Make use of an old jar to store your coins in. Each time you have a few, drop them in. At the end of each month or year (depending on number of coins), take them to the bank and walk out with some cash you would have missed. This can add up surprisingly fast!

Hint: If you don’t use cash, get a debit card that rounds up purchases, instead. You’ll keep the “change.”

3.  Make smart payments. Begin by paying off the loan or balance with the smallest total. Once that’s out of the way, keep putting that same amount of money back into your savings. It’s the same monthly total as before, but it can add up very quickly.

Remember, no matter your financial situation, savings are within reach if you plan ahead.