Becoming a Titus 2 Woman

Titus 2 has plenty to say about how older and younger Christian women should uplift one another. It underscores how important women are for the church and why mentoring relationships among women are vital. So, how can you become a Titus 2 woman in your everyday life, whether old or young? Our tips may offer some guidance.


Reverent Lifestyle


To be a Titus 2 mentor, you must maintain a reverent lifestyle. This is not something you do on your own; the Holy Spirit accomplishes it in you if you are a believer. Paul explains that older women are to be reverent because they represent God for younger women. Essentially, they act as priests. These women treat their bodies as temples, keeping them clean and healthy. Their actions come from renewed minds and hearts. They do not gossip about or slander others, “are not given to much wine,” and are dedicated to their tasks at home and work.


Guarded Tongue


The less you speak, the wiser you appear. The Bible has plenty of precedent for this, not only in Titus but in other books – such as Proverbs. Titus 2 women endeavor for gracious speech. They don’t grumble or complain; they express anger or dissatisfaction in a constructive manner. Titus 2 women also think before they speak. If it will not edify someone, they don’t say it.


Modest Lifestyle


Paul and other Biblical writers caution Christians against drunkenness, illicit sex, and other sins. Titus carries these cautions, but also warns against excess of any kind. A Titus 2 woman, for instance, watches her money and doesn’t overspend. She enjoys food and drink – including alcohol if she feels comfortable – but not to excess. She dresses and grooms modestly, and teaches others how to do so.