How to Be a Christian Leader Every Day

Christ is always calling upon us to lead others to the faith. We must lead by example to live the most Christ-like life. We can not expect others to follow us into the faith if we are not setting a good example for its principles and practices. Here are four ways to incorporate Christ into your life and lead others to His faith.

  1. Actively Participate in Prayer

    How can we expect God to change or mold our lives if we do not share prayers with Him. The most monumental moments in our Bible’s history happened during times of prayer. Participating in prayer daily allows you to quiet the thoughts or influences in your life that might steer you away from God. This prayer will set an example for others to connect with God daily.

  2. Make Spiritual Goals

    We are always setting goals for ourselves either in fitness, health, or business. Why can’t we do the same for our spiritual life? Setting spiritual goals give you a chance to set standards for yourself to become more faithful, to serve your community more, or focus on bringing more people to the faith. Others will see your success and want to make goals for themselves.

  3. Read and Obey the Word of God

    Taking time each day to read some of God’s word will keep Him and His intentions always on your mind. This will allow you to resist temptation, give good advice, and stand up for what is right. Acting with God’s words in mind will show others following that the faith is the best way of life.

  4. Serve Others

    The best way to lead and encourage others to join the faith is by serving others. Those who lead by Christ have created a moral character that has Christ in mind. This means that they are constantly thinking of the needs of others and are showing His love.