Six Easy Swaps for Your Favorite Sugary Foods

Sugar is often hiding in the strangest places. Sure, you can expect to find it in soda, desserts, or other sweet things like pancake syrup. Somewhere you may not expect it is in your spaghetti sauce, bread, or salad dressing. When removing added sugars from your diet it is important to know some of the common foods it is hiding in and what you can replace it with.


  1. Yogurt

    Pay close attention to the labels on your yogurt. Even if they claim to be low-fat, most fruit flavored yogurts have a lot of added sugar. Instead look for a plain Greek yogurt, or fruit flavors containing less sugar.

  2. Pasta Sauce

    A lot of pasta sauces contain added sugar to give them extra flavor or to help them last longer. A reduced sugar sauce should be available, or you can try to make a homemade sauce.

  3. Cereal

    Sugar might not be exactly hiding in your grandkids favorite cereal, but it could be in yours. Most granola or cereals claiming to be a healthier option contain a lot of sugar. Opt for a low sugar cereal instead, like Cheerios. Add some fresh fruit for sweetness.

  4. Bread

    Depending on the type of bread you eat, you might be consuming a lot of sugar. Most whole grain or wheat breads contain a lot of sugar to help give them substance. Swap them for a rye bread which typically contains less sugar.

  5. Salad Dressing

    Pay attention to the labels when picking up your favorite salad dressing. You are making a healthy choice and having a salad, no sense in ruining it with extra sugar. Most lite dressings contain less sugar.

  6. Nut Butters

    Nut butters can contain a lot of fatty oils and sugars. While the difference may not be huge, an all-natural nut butter is going to contain less sugar and can help with your cut back overall.


Make sure you identify and eliminate extra sugar from your diet.

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