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Putting Down the Screen: How disconnecting can help deepen your faith journey.

It’s no secret that cell phones, tablets, computers, and TVs have changed the way we interact with the world around us–including those we love most. But have you ever given thought as to how being surrounded by screens impacts your spiritual life? Take a moment to read and ponder the following points. You may be surprised to see how putting down the screen impacts your walk with God.

Screens Prevent Quiet Time

If you reach for your phone the moment you have a little downtime, right when you wake up, or before going to bed, you may be robbing yourself of the important spiritual practice of simply being quiet. God often speaks to us in these moments of prayer, reflection, contemplation, and peace. When you have a screen on during these times, you may miss out on an important moment that your soul needs from you!

Screens Capture Your Attention

Who among us is guilty of walking through a crowded street and staring down at our phone, catching up on emails or playing a quick game? Probably everyone. But when you were doing that, you may have missed an opportunity to show God’s kindness and love to someone else. Even worse, perhaps there is a lesson or message that the Lord is trying to get you to see and you’ve ignored it.

Screens Prevent You From Connecting with Others

Relating to other human beings is an important part of our faith and impacts our spirit on many levels. If you’re on your phone or computer constantly, you miss out on special moments with kids, friends, and family. Try powering down your devices and have a face to face conversation with someone. You’ll find that you feel less isolated and more connected.

Try putting your phone in your purse or pocket. Take time every day to sit quietly. When you’re with others, turn off the TV or power down other screens and you’ll see that you start to feel more fulfilled by authentic relationships and opportunities to connect with God.