4 Movies With Surprisingly Christian Messages

One of the great frustrations with leading a Christian lifestyle is the issue of how to keep your family and yourself entertained. They just don’t make as many Christian movies anymore, and most of the older movies aren’t very Christian, either – or are they?

Some movies may not be overtly religious in nature, but they can offer very Christian messages nonetheless. Watching these apparently secular films can teach your family lessons about the Bible and the sacrifices Jesus made for us. You can find Christian values in:

  • Gladiator. This tale of an ancient Roman soldier holds the same idea of personal sacrifice that Jesus did. The protagonist, Maximus, is willing to die for the ones he loved. Just like our savior.
  • Star Wars. In the original trilogy, Luke is tested over and over again. The dark side of the Force tries to draw him away from good, yet he remains strong against the temptation. Jesus did the same thing during his life on Earth, fighting with the help of religious conviction.
  • The Lion King. This movie has been noted for its similarities to Hamlet, but it demonstrates biblical ideas, too. Mufasa represents God and watches over his son, Simba, from above. Simba can be likened to Moses because he emerges from the wilderness and leads the other lions away from captivity under their tyrant king.
  • Frozen. This Disney blockbuster shows several uplifting messages. The strongest is when one of the main characters sacrifices herself to save her sister. In the story, the love was so powerful it brought her back to life – just like someone else we know.