4 Types of Love Found in the Bible


Did you know that there are four types of love found in the Bible? Over the years, scholars have broken down the text of the Bible and divided each example of love into one of our categories: Eros, Storge, Philia, and Agape. These four words are Greek for different kinds of love.

Eros in the Bible

Pronounced AIR-os, Eros is what we would call romantic love. This includes love found in Song of Solomon or even in unhealthy places mentioned where sex and sexual immorality become an idol for certain communities.

Storge in the Bible

Pronounced stor-JAY, Storge refers to love between family members. Think of how many examples of Storge you can find in the Bible between the many families mentioned: Noah and his children, fathers and mothers devoted to their children, Ruth and Naomi to name a few!

Philia in the Bible

Have you ever heard the city of Philadelphia referred to as the city of “Brotherly Love?” That’s because this form of love is Greek for the deep, emotional bonds that connect two people. Often this is exemplified in friendship, but really it is also extended to those who show love and care for others out of their love for their neighbor. We see examples of this kind of love between figures like David and Jonathan or even in John 13:35 — “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples if you love one another.”

Agape in the Bible

The highest and most noble form of love is reserved for the love that God has for us. Agape, pronounced uh-GAH-pay, is what Jesus demonstrated on the cross for us by sacrificing his life and taking on the entire burden of sin for all mankind so that we could have life everlasting with Him in Heaven.

What Do You See in Your Life?

As a way to challenge yourself, take some time alone today and write down all of your relationships and the way that you both show and receive these different types of love.