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Bible Journaling 101 – 5 Tips to Start Bible Journaling Today!

What Is Bible Journaling?

If you are unfamiliar, Bible journaling is just what it sounds like: reading the Bible and then writing down what God reveals to you from scripture. But it can be a little intimidating to start out writing in your journal. What do you write? Will others see it? Should it be organized a certain way? Consider some of the following tips to help you get started. But remember, these are just tips, not hard and fast rules. Do what makes sense to you and don’t be afraid to try writing or organizing your journal that makes more sense for you. A journal is highly personal, as is your walk with the Lord.

Tips for Bible Journaling

Don’t be Afraid to Be Honest

If you’ve read a passage and have questions, or even concerns, be honest in your writing. God is honored when you seek him with your whole being and honesty is a major part of that.

Use a Journal that is Easy to Carry

Whatever journal you decide to use, whether it’s a legal pad or a fancy moleskin journal, it doesn’t matter. But whatever it is, it is helpful if it is easily portable. Unless you’re very disciplined and only read your Bible in one spot every day, it’s nice to be able to toss it in a bag and go.

Organize by Topic or Date Read

Many people journal in a chronological order, just like you would any other type of journal. However, you could also organize it by topic. If you choose to do so, create sections like Questions, Praises, Musings, etc., in your journal when you first start it. Find a way to mark each section, but it might be helpful to organize in this way. Don’t forget to to date your comments so you can track growth and changes in your beliefs.

Write for God, No One Else

Remember that your journal is not a performance for anyone else. It isn’t for you to be a leader or an inspiration to others, but an honest place for you to write your thoughts and reactions to the Word.