Christmas Specials on KGEB

‘Tis the season to be jolly, to celebrate the birth of our Savior, and to enjoy great, Christmas programming for the entire family! Many of our ministry partners have special holiday shows for your whole family to enjoy throughout the Christmas weekend. Here are a few of the featured shows you won’t want to miss, as well as a guide to all the wonderful Christmas programs your family can enjoy.

Featured Christmas programs: (all times CT)

Make the Season Bright-Christmas on Broadway with David Jeremiah

Music with the Gaither Vocal Band, the Big Band Christmas Sound of Charles Billingsley and Michael Sanchez! Plus Sheila Walsh and a special address from Dr. David Jeremiah. 

Airs December 23: 3p, December 24: 3p, and December 25: 5:30p

ORU presents: Noel- A Musical Celebration of Christmas

Want to be inspired during this season? Don’t miss ORU presents NOEL-A Musical Celebration of Christmas. Set your DVR or gather the family for this tremendous event! Featuring the music and song of ORU students, staff, and faculty! Special guest, Ben Calhoun from @Citizen Way joins us.  

Airs December 22: 12:01a, 1p, December 23: 11p, December 24: 4p, and December 25: Midnight, 3:30p

World Impact – The Contrasts of Christmas

In this Christmas episode of World Impact, Dr. Wilson is discussing five different contrasts of Christmas and how these differences are very stark in the Christmas Story. We can see the difference Jesus makes by reading and looking at God’s word and what it says about His coming into the world. Christmas is a time to pause, reflect and take time to think about what God has done for each one of us. You will rediscover the power of Jesus Christ in your life and know that God’s kingdom makes all the difference.

Airs December 22: 12:01am, 4p, December 23: 9a, December 24, 11:30a, 6:30p, and December 25, 6a, 4:30p, 10:30p

Christmas Special: Christmas Is

Journey back in time to the first Christmas with Benji and Waldo to rediscover the feeling and message of this significant day. Airs December 22 11:30a

 Christmas Special: The Stableboy’s Christmas

The Emmy Award winning Christmas story within a story. . . A family experiences the excitement and anticipation of the holidays, while trying to keep the true meaning of Christmas at the center of their preparations. Airs December 22 11:00a. December 24 4p,

Christmas Special: Stellar Awards Tribute to The Holidays December 22 @ 3:00p

Christmas Special: The Puzzle Club Christmas Mystery

It’s Christmas and some mysterious events have occurred which require some special investigative talents. December 22 4:00p

Christmas Special: An American Christmas with PJ Rasmussen – December 23 @ Midnight, 7a

Christmas Special: Christmas Across America – December 24 @ Midnight

Christmas Special: Christmas Is 

Journey back in time to the first Christmas with Benji and Waldo to rediscover the feeling and message of this significant day. December 24 3p

Christmas Special: City That Forgot About Christmas 

“Sometimes I wish there wasn’t a Christmas.” Benji thinks the hustle and bustle of Christmas only makes people grouchy. But Grandfather tells him about a sad city that never celebrated Christmas, until one special year. December 24 3:30p

Christmas Special: The Little Shepherd 

Little Shepherd is the timeless story of Christmas with a twist. As Joel embarks upon the journey of becoming a shepherd, he is worried about the dangers that lie ahead. Witness, along with Joel, the transforming power of hope and love in the “Little Shepherd. December 24 4:30p

Christmas Special Movie: The Little Princess with Shirley Temple – December 25 1:30p

Christmas Special: Red Boots For Christmas 

In the small town of Friedensdorf most of the homes and shops are brightly decorated. But one shop doesn’t have any Christmas decorations on the outside – and no Christmas spirit on the inside! December 25 4:30p

Christmas programming guide: (all times ET/CT)

December 22

  • 7a Superbook – The First Christmas
  • 7:30a Adventures in Dry Gulch – Christmas Warms the Coldest Heart
  • 9a Elizabeth Stanton’s Great Big World – Hollywood Christmas Parade
  • 10:30a Laura McKenzie’s Traveler – Christmas in New Orleans
  • 5p Christ in Prophecy – Christmas in Prophecy
  • 7p Carroll Roberson — A Christmas Carroll

December 23

  • 6:30a In Touch with Charles Stanley — Our Savior, Who is Christ the Lord
  • 10:30a  Lift Up Jesus with Pastor Dudley – O Holy Night
  • 12:30p  James MacDonald – We Welcome Kings
  • 6:30p  Robert Jeffress – The Night Before Christmas
  • 7:30p  Victory with Paul Daugherty – Because of Christmas

December 24

  • 8a – Gary Keesee: Fixing The Money Thing – Keesee Christmas Through the Years
  • 3p Drenda – Keesee Christmas Through The Years
  • 5p  James MacDonald – We Welcome Kings

December 25

  • 6:30a James Robison – Christmas Special
  • 10p James Robison – Christmas Special

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