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Do You Have a Plan for Your Estate? Why Every Christian Should Have a Will

It doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you have: having a will is a wise decision on anyone’s part. As a Christian, by having a will, you’re essentially enacting your last Earthly action by choosing where your last remaining items will go and who they will benefit. We know that our money does not belong to us, but rather to the Lord. Making sure it goes where you intend for it to go is also one way to honor the Lord with that gift.

How to Decide Where Your Money Goes

It can be difficult for some and very simple for others to make decisions about where your money will go. Talk to a trusted lawyer, preferably who is also a believer, about what is common and what you should do. Even if you have very little money, you may consider leaving 100% of your money to your immediate family. Particularly if you have a lot of Earthly riches, consider also benefitting organizations or churches that benefit the Kingdom long after you’re gone.

Provide Care for Your Relatives

Perhaps the greatest reason to have a will is to make things easier for your relatives as they mourn your loss. This is a kindness that they will appreciate. If you’re able, consider if/how any money or items you give your loved ones will benefit them. Sometimes receiving a great deal of money can change someone’s life and benefit their family greatly. Consider who in your family needs money as you make your decisions.

Something other things think about:

  • Consider creating a sum of money to cover funeral costs, as those can be extremely expensive.
  • Talk to a lawyer or financial advisor about making smart decisions regarding any debts you may have and how they could hurt your benefactors if either paid or left unpaid.
  • Make sure you understand how taxes will affect your remaining assets.
  • Make sure your trusted loved ones have access to any accounts, including keys or passwords and can get access after you’ve died.

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