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Back to Basics: Demystifying the Act of Studying Scripture

Do you ever feel intimidated by sitting down to study scripture? It’s alright. You’re not alone.

Sometimes when we’re surrounded by others who seem to be “all together” in the faith department even the seemingly-simple act of sitting down and reading the word of God can be a little overwhelming. Conversely, sometimes we’re even intimidated by God himself, hoping to honor him so intently that it seems like anything we do may not be good enough or worthy enough to glorify him.

If you’re feeling intimidated by the act of studying scripture, try a to consider a few of the following points before you begin to read the Bible.

God Judges Your Heart, Not Your Abilities

Often we feel we have to read scripture perfectly or have to be educated on all of the languages, translations, interpretations, etc., in order to do it correctly. That is not true. While education is a powerful thing and should always be pursued as you are able, God sees you humbly opening his word as an act of obedience and love for him. He doesn’t need for you to be a scholar to be able to speak to you through the pages of the Bible.

Pray for God to Help Clear Your Mind

Sometimes we have a hard time even opening our Bibles because we know how easily we’ll be distracted. If this is you, consider praying and asking God for help and also choose a small ritual that helps set that time apart. While many Protestants, particularly in our time period, shun the idea of rituals, perhaps you may look back to thousands of years of Church traditions for inspiration. God has placed our soul within our bodies and sometimes it is helpful to do a physical act like lighting a candle, taking 60 seconds of silence, etc., to simply set this time apart as sacred. You’d be surprised how much that can help!

Consider a Helpful Devotional

Not sure where to start or what to read? Consider talking to your friends or pastor about a recommended devotional. Especially if you’re interested in studying a topic, devotionals can be very helpful.