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Encouragement for Godly Grandmothers

A grandmother is a vital part of every person’s life. Today, more older women take an active role in parenting their grandchildren. If you’re one of those women, this post offers Biblical encouragement for you.


Genesis 48:9


In this verse, Joseph introduces Jacob to his twin sons, Ephraim and Manasseh. Jacob asks to have his grandsons brought closer so he may bless them. As a grandmother, you have a unique opportunity to bless your grandchildren. Sometimes you’ll do this materially – most grandparents enjoy giving their grandchildren gifts. Here though, the text refers to spiritual blessings. Share your spiritual experiences with your grandchildren. Explain what draws you close to God. Read Bible passages together and help them memorize Scripture. You will be creating a strong spiritual foundation for them.


2 Timothy 1:5


Paul became persuaded of Timothy’s sincere faith in part because of the faith of his family. His mother Lois and grandmother Eunice are specifically mentioned. From the time Timothy was little, he would have been learning about God from these women. He would have learned not only who Jesus is, but how Jesus’ story fits into the Old Testament. Your grandchildren cannot ride the coattails of your faith; however, your willingness to follow after God for many years will teach them faith is generational. They will have a living example of how precious God is to your family.


Psalm 92:14


This verse promises believers will bear fruit in their old age. Even if you’re physically frail, your grandchildren are examples of your fruit. Nurture them whenever you can, not only spiritually but physically and emotionally. Seek opportunities to spend time with them, listen to their questions, and provide wisdom. You’ll be long remembered for it.