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GEB Podcast-Bonus EP!- Brandon Lake and the Tear Off the Roof Tour

GEB America Podcast - Helping You Live Well

Episode 18- Interview with Brandon Lake

On this bonus episode, Brandon Lake makes a special appearance to talk about the Tear Off the Roof Tour, his latest album, Coat of Many Colors, his love of family, and much more!

Instagram @BrandonLake

00:00:00 Intro
00:02:05 Where did it all start?
00:03:40 What’s it like collaborating with other artists?
00:05:20 Discuss the latest album, Coat of Many Colors.
00:06:05 What can people expect from the tour?
00:09:47 Tell us about the family.
00:12:51 How to connect with Brandon.
00:13:41 Closing remarks
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