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GEB Podcast 019-Simon T. Bailey – Born to Be Brilliant!

GEB America Podcast - Helping You Live Well

Simon T. Bailey joins us on the GEB America Podcast to discuss becoming Brilliant in all of our life endeavors. He challenges us to find our calling and embark upon a new way of thinking about the God-given dreams unique to us.

Simon T. Bailey ignites the spark within. As an award-winning keynote speaker, coach, and author, he guides individuals and organizations to harness their strengths, rebound from challenges, and craft lives filled with meaning and impact.


00:00:00 Open
00:01:40 Welcome
00:01:58 Where did it all begin?
00:05:08 Concept of Brilliance
00:07:14 Are you in an environment where you are tolerated or celebrated?
00:08:46 Teach your kids about Brilliance
00:12:41 Dream Boards
00:17:55 What do you want for you? What are you willing to do to get it?
00:20:56 What do you need to start, park, or accelerate?
00:22:13 Rapid Fire
00:26:51 Closing remarks


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