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GEB Podcast Emerging Tech, Ai, and God-Ryan Collins, CEO Bethel Tech

GEB America Podcast - Helping You Live Well

On this episode, GEB GM David Groves interviews Ryan Collins. Ryan is the author of “The God of Tech” and the CEO of Bethel Technology.

00:00:00 Open
00:01:04 Introductions
00:02:04 How did you start this tech journey?
00:06:04 How was Bethel Tech started?
00:09:54 Technology is just a tool to be used good or badly.
00:14:41 Does God care about technology?
00:17:10 The future of Ai and Quantum Computing.
00:22:00 Convergence of Technology
00:25:40 The God of Tech, website, and how to connect.
00:27: Rapid Fire!

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