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How to be a Missionary in Your Own City


Are you interested in becoming a missionary? Did you know that every Christian is called to become a missionary? It is true, but maybe not in the way we have come to culturally understand missionaries.

The Bible tells us to be IN this world, but not OF it. That means that wherever you are, you are not home because your home is not in this world. However, you’re called to be here and to love those around you in the name of the Lord. This does not require you to leave your job and family and move to another continent to preach the Word of God. Instead, it requires you to do what you can where you are with the resources you have.

Do you work in accounting? Be on a mission to share the love of Jesus with your co-workers and clients.

Are you a parent? Share God’s love and Word with your children.

Is there anyone hurting or in need in your community? Find ways to provide care for them and love them the way Jesus would–meeting their needs.

Remember: Sharing the Gospel begins with showing God’s love before speaking God’s Word.

Still need some ideas on how to become a missionary in your local community? Consider some of the following:

  • Volunteer regularly: There are likely pre-established organizations that will allow you to make a great impact on others by serving them in tangible ways. If you have a skillset that is somewhat unique, look into ways to offer your services as well! Helping a non-profit update their computers or organize their files is just as helpful as handing out meals to those in need.
  • If you see a need, meet it!
  • Invite others to church and find considerate ways to talk about your faith and theirs
  • Get to know people in your community without an agenda
  • Get involved in community events

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