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Caring for Children in your Community

Caring for Children in your Community

Jesus told us to care for widows and orphans–those who are the most helpless in our community. With that in mind, it isn’t much of a stretch to think that Jesus would want for us to support all children, especially those who are vulnerable and to do in his name. If you’re considering ways to support and care for children in your community, try some of the following ideas:

Get Involved in Schools
If you have the financial means or just the items, consider donating supplies to your local school. Call the front office and ask what they need, but, generally speaking, items like pens, pencils, art supplies, and books are always needed.

Support Parents and Foster Care
Whether it’s offering to babysit so that parents can get a moment to breathe or bring them a meal, small acts of love for all kinds of parents will give them the necessary breaks they need to be better, more fulfilled parents.

There are likely multiple organizations in your area that support children and already have meaningful roles that you can step right into. Do some research and ask around! You might also consider volunteering for Sunday School at your home church.

Consider Becoming a Mentor
Older kids need someone to talk to and someone who will simply listen to them. If you’re able to give a little bit of your time, consider becoming a mentor with an organization like Big Brothers, Big Sisters, or programs through the local school district. By spending time with a child, maybe especially a teenager, you’re communicating to them that their feelings and experiences are important. You may be able to guide them through a difficult experience or just be a listening ear when they need it most.

Pray for Them
You know that God holds each child dear in his heart. Ask God to bless the children in your community and to show you opportunities for care and involvement as they become available.

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