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How to Navigate Christian and Non-Christian Friendships


As Christians, it is not our place to judge others but to spread love. In the New Testament, Jesus shows us what it means to love inclusively. He befriends sinners, the lowly, and the disadvantaged (Luke 19:1-10). He embraces everyone who believes in Him and is ready to accept His teachings – Christian and non-Christian alike. Differing faiths don’t have to strain your friendships with others. Come together in love and acceptance.


Find Common Ground

It is important to accept friendships with people of other faiths and actively seek them out. Having friends of multiple faiths provides you with opportunities to share the good news of God’s love, Jesus’ sacrifice, and the light of Christ. If you have difficulty befriending non-Christians, find something you have in common, such as a love of sports or a favorite hobby. Engage with your new friend on this level instead of on the foundation of religion. You will likely find you have more in common than you think. Religion does not have to be the driving force behind your friendship.


Humble Yourself

One of the greatest inhibitors of inter-faith friendships is a big ego. A person of one faith may believe that his or her religion is the right one and that he or she is the better person. Instead of believing that you have all the answers in life because of your relationship with Christ, open yourself to what your friend of a different faith has to say. Don’t take your new friend’s beliefs as a personal attack against your religion or react defensively to differing theologies. Practice being humble and respecting everyone’s beliefs. Let the love of Christ shine through all your actions, so your friends of other faiths will want what you have; the joy of Christ as their personal savior.