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How to Study the Bible Online

Are you finding that you’re spending more and more time online and not necessarily reading the Bible? Why not convert some of that time online from mindless scrolling to intentional study of scripture. Here are a few tips on how to best do that:

Get Devotions Delivered to Your Inbox

Did you know that there are TONS of services, websites, and organizations that put together daily Bible verses and prayers so that they can be delivered to your email inbox every morning? Start your day off right by opening that email first and read the scripture and prayers for the day. You may be surprised how much it can transform your thinking for the entire day.

There’s an App For That

While the technological revolution promised to simplify our lives, it seems that we are busier than ever before. For those who re always on the go but don’t want to lose focus on their faith, there are a growing number of apps that turn your smartphone into a  Bible that fits neatly in your pocket or purse. Some of the most popular Bible apps are: Bible by Life.Church (formerly YouVersion), Bible.IS, and ESV Bible.

Find a Website that Challenges You to Grow

Want to grow in your walk with the Lord? Find a website that challenges you: whether it’s educating you on the meanings or translations of certain scriptures or even how different groups of theologians interpret that specific scripture. The sky is the limit as there are so many helpful educational resources out there. Some great options to consider are Bible Gateway, Bible Hub, and Bible Study Tools.

Find a Community

While discussing the Bible with other people doesn’t replace actually reading the Bible, you might be surprised how much joining a group of like-minded people can inspire you to read the Bible more often. Alternatively, you may grow even more if you’re able to find a community where everyone doesn’t think exactly like you do about the Bible and you may be grown and stretched as you head back to the Word repeatedly to see what God reveals to you.

Many people like to find a group of Christians who enjoy similar pass times, such as gardening, blogging, being a grandparent, fashion etc., and like to find ways to incorporate the Lord’s words into their passions. One great place to begin to look is on Facebook under the Groups function.