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Train Your Brain!

Many people experience a mental decline after retirement. If we want to remain sharp as we get older, it’s very important to actively engage our brains! It’s important to regularly care for your brain, just as you should be caring for your body.

Here are a few ways you can keep your brain sharp.

Play Games That Require Strategy
Flex those mental muscles by playing games that require you to problem solve. Great examples would be chess, Settlers of Catan, Risk, or other strategy games.

Do a Puzzle
While physical puzzles are great, try expanding to puzzles like Sudoku or a crossword puzzle.

Make And Experience Art
Spending time around art, as well as creating it, can improve brain function! Whether it’s playing an instrument or going to the symphony, taking a painting class or going to a local art museum, do whatever you can to get invested in the arts!

Get Social Interaction
The more time you can spend with other people and engage in conversation, the more your brain will reinforce pathways that keep your conversation skills strong.

Stop Smoking
If you do smoke, now is the time to stop. The chemicals in cigarettes and cigars inhibit your brain from properly functioning. Continued smoking will only continue to dull your mental abilities.

Get Enough Sleep
There’s a strong correlation between getting proper amounts of sleep and brain function. As an adult, you should be getting about 8 hours of sleep a night. If you need to, see if you can sneak in a short nap during the day. Naps are scientifically proven to boost mental performance.

Eat Well and Exercise
Eating a balanced diet full of vegetables and protein, as well as getting proper exercise, is recommended to help improve almost every ailment out there, so it’s no wonder that a healthy diet and adequate amounts of exercise is also recommended to improve your brain’s health.

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