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How to make a difference in your community.

We all belong to a community; whether in our neighborhood, our school, or our church. We want to encourage you to think about a few things you can do to serve the community that you’re in.

Start with your Neighborhood
Make the decision to get to know your neighbors. Figure out how you can reach them consistently and stick to it! You will find that people on your street or floor have the same needs to be met—including the need for community! Be the person creating opportunities to build a strong community.

Ask Others About Top Needs
Ask other people what the 3 greatest needs are in your community. Consider how God could use you and your specific set of gifts to meet those need.

Ask Others What Your Strengths Are
Sometimes we underestimate ourselves because we don’t know our own strengths. Ask trusted friends and loved ones to tell you what they think you have to offer your local community. You might be surprised!

Plug In
You don’t have to start doing something major on your own. Plug into a local church or nonprofit and commit a certain number of hours per week to doing something that serves their needs—even when it’s hard! Sometimes you’ll find that working with others provides accountability and keeps the momentum going.