3 Signs It’s Time to Switch Churches

As Christians, we depend on our churches to give us security, a sense of family, and spiritual nourishment. Ideally, you and your family should stay established in one church so you can reap these and other benefits. However, switching to a new church is sometimes necessary. If any of the following are true in your case, think about finding a new church.

The Pastor and Leadership Are Lacking

Sadly, Christians can commit un-Christ-like acts within the church. Sadder still, sometimes the people involved are the pastor and his family. If your pastor is not “above reproach, faithful to his wife, self-controlled, [and] able to teach,” your church has a big problem. This is also true if the pastor’s family is out of control (for example, the children are disobedient to the point of rebellion and the pastor does nothing about it).

The Pastor Doesn’t Teach Sound Doctrine

What “sound doctrine” is will vary depending on your denomination; some denominations say homosexuality is sinful while others don’t, for instance. However, if you find that the pastor disagrees with or doesn’t teach key points of doctrine, it’s a red flag. Another red flag occurs if the pastor teaches about his own convictions more than actual doctrine.

There’s Major Dissension in the Church

It has been said that “if you find a perfect church, don’t go. You’ll spoil it.” Church members disagree, and that’s okay. What isn’t okay is constant battling within the church over big and trivial matters. For example, if your church has completely split over one particular issue, that’s dissension—and it must be handled carefully.

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