Forgiveness Is the Key to Salvation

Torn relationships can be the deepest, most painful regrets of our lives. The dark cloud that a fight between friends or family can bring over your life can affect your mood, mental health, and physical wellbeing.

The concept of forgiveness is an ever-present tenant of the Bible. Jesus is a monument to forgiveness, and we’re supposed to strive every day to reflect His image. We know forgiveness can be extremely difficult, but it truly is the only way to set your soul free. There’s no quick tip for being able to forgive someone who has wronged you. Reach within yourself, and find a place in your heart full of love instead of hate and vengeance.

God forgives those who ask for repentance, no matter how terrible the sin being confessed. Why should we act any mightier than God Himself? If God can forgive His children of terrible sins, surely we can forgive our enemies the wrongs they’ve committed. Being the first to initiate a friendly conversation with someone you’re arguing with can change the entire situation. By being the bigger person, you can heal a relationship and wipe the slate clean—promoting your own peace of mind as well as theirs.

Reading about real-life role models of forgiveness can help us see outside of our own situation and gain perspective on life. These people have been through terrible wrongs yet have found the strength in God to forgive their enemies. Finding forgiveness allows us room in our hearts for God instead.